About us


We are a group of enthusiasts who have built the Libra Lures brand based on years of experience in spinning fishing. We specialize in producing artificial baits designed for catching all species of fish that prey on insects and larvae.

One of the founding fathers of the brand is Mateusz Okoń – a long-time participant of the Polish GPx in spinning discipline and a participant of the World Championships.

The main designer is Tomasz Podkul, the current Polish Champion of 2022 and World Champion (France 2019) in trout fishing from the shore using spinning method.

Responsible for the selection of materials for baits, production technology, and the entire project organization is Adam Chmielowski, who gained his experience in large organizations. Our biggest challenge was the selection of production technology and material for the product, which the fish would not ignore.

After months of hard trials, we managed to overcome all obstacles and obtain a very soft material with high buoyancy and at the same time resistant to the sharp teeth of predators.
A trout series consisting of thirteen models, available in 20 highly effective colors. Baits come in sizes 18 – 95 mm with scents: cheese, krill, unscented, and a new addition – garlic!
Comprising four models in 12 colors and sizes ranging from 128 to 148 mm. This series was created using a new blend called the “Salt Worm Project”. Designed based on salt, which enhances the bait’s attractiveness and krill aroma. The material is very soft and durable, ensuring natural bait movement.
The PREDATOR series consists of three models: Embrion Shad, Kraken Shad, and Embrion Twist Tail designed for catching predatory fish such as pike, zander, perch, and other predatory fish found in our waters. Available in sizes 45 – 205 mm in a wide range of colors.
Our extensive experience in this method has allowed us to design four incredibly effective models: Gobio, Dead Fish, Frog, and Slug Tail.

This catalog presents products born out of passion, love for fishing, and experiencing nature.

We invite you to explore our offer.
Libra Lures Team

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