Another aroma – FISH!

Our scents.
Legends about the scents of Libra Lures baits have been circulating for a while now. You know we started really strong – because both cheese and krill stirred things up, both among fish and in anglers’ noses 😉 Our next step was introducing scentless baits, as well as garlic-scented ones – which also didn’t fall short compared to the previous ones!

Predator Series and a unique scent.
As we continuously expand our range to include baits for more and more species, new color versions as well as scent variations cannot be missed. More than once we’ve found that baits saturated with scent are more eagerly attacked by predators than their unscented counterparts. And because we want to deliver complete lures to your hands, representatives of the Predator Series line are saturated with the scent … of fish! You’re already accustomed to our intense, long-lasting scents that faithfully capture real aromas. This time, prepare your noses well, because Kraken Shad, Embrion Shad, and Embrion Twist Tail not only behave in the water like real predator food, but also smell just like it!

Libra Lures Predator Series opakowanie przynety 01 cel informacyjny
Libra Lures Predator Series opakowanie przynety 03
Libra Lures Predator Series opakowanie przynety 05 cel informacyjny


Lower Silesia hosting championships.
This year’s Polish Shore Spinning Championships and Libra Lures Cup will take place from May 10th to 12th, 2024, on the Bystrzyca River in the Lubachów area. The competition is organized by the Spinning Club “Potok” Ziębice, and your favorite bait manufacturer – Libra Lures, along with the Board of the District of the Polish Angling Association in Wałbrzych, commissioned by the PZW Main Board.

Honorary patronage for Libra Lures.
The Polish Championships, part of the Gpx Polski cycle, are a great celebration of angling sport. We are proud to provide our patronage as the main sponsor of such a prestigious event. The competition office will be located at the “Chata nad Sztolnią” hotel in Upper Bystrzyca. It’s worth noting that the competition area – the stretch of the river from Lubachów to the village of Burkatów, will be closed to competitors and trainers from May 5th, 2024.

About the Bystrzyca River.
It’s worth mentioning that the Bystrzyca River is relatively small, shallow, densely scattered with boulders and smaller stones, creating plenty of hiding places and feeding grounds for fish. From experience, we can assure you that our lures will play a significant role because in such fishing grounds, faithful imitations of insect larvae, precisely presented, will surely entice plenty of fish.

Come and see how the best fish.
We warmly invite all participants, including those from the 1st Shore League of Gpx Polski, champions of individual districts, as well as fans and observers. Such a major sporting event is a great opportunity to observe how the best of the best fish.


Libra Lures baner na mistrzostwa polski w wedkarstwie spiningowym z brzegu

Libra Lures Cup 2023 – Jeruzal – Poland

The Libra Lures competition quickly gained recognition among anglers. Thanks to great organization, accurate selection of fishing spots, and the support of many sponsors, each edition attracts even more people. This causes a constant increase in the level of competition, emotions and the sports aspects of our meeting. On October 7, 2023, we stood on the shore of the Jeruzal fishing ground again. Perfectly prepared, fair for everyone and hellishly fishy. Fierce competition allowed us to select the best of the best, and we must admit that this edition was dominated by competitors from abroad. Dima Kornichevsky won, Oleksandr Mokhnatko took second place, and Pavlo Melanich took the lowest step of the podium. The highest place among Polish competitors was taken by Michał Olejnik, who ultimately too fifth place.
The participants who triumphed in our competitions did not return home empty-handed. Numerous sponsors once again appreciated our efforts put into organizing the competition and provided many valuable prizes.
Thank you for all the great trust you have placed in the Libra Lures Cup competition series. With each edition we try to reach an even level, and your great interest shows that we are going in the right direction. We will inform you about our next projects, because you can be sure that we are just getting started!

Libra lures Cup zawody fotografia 01
Libra lures Cup zawody fotografia 02
Libra lures Cup zawody fotografia 03
Libra lures Cup zawody fotografia 04

Goliath – a new player in the Trout Series line.

It is true that we ended the trout season less than a month ago, but we are not slowing down and present to you our “latest novelty” in the line dedicated to trout, i.e. the “Trout Series”.

Already in October, GOLIATH, a new variation on the fat maggot, will appear on store shelves. As with all our other lures, you can be sure of their effectiveness and catchability even in difficult, overfished waters, where the fish have seen almost everything and have been hooked many times. It is certainly worth paying attention to the precision of realization and the reproduction of details, such as the eyes, armor elements, legs, and the spike sticking out from the abdomen.

The lure will be offered in two optimal sizes, i.e. 30 and 45 mm. Like all Trout Series lures, the new Goliath will be offered in 20 colors and, of course, in all aroma versions – no scent, krill, cheese and new one for 2023/2024 – garlic. In just a few days, Goliath will be arriving in your favorite fishing stores, look out for it!

Libra Lures sztuczna przyneta GOLIATH AKTUALNOSCI

Garlic – newest aroma in Libra Lures offer.

Each of us has certainly already found out that the proper smell of a bait can be a kind of a game changer, even during spinning fishing. No angler of slow-feeding fish needs this explanation.

As you already perfectly know, Libra Lures baits are available in scent-free, cheese and krill aroma. Soon we will provide you with versions infused with garlic aroma. This is an aroma to which all species of fish respond very well, as many tests and direct fights of competitors have shown.

You can be sure that our aroma will not differ from other fragrances we offer. Get ready for a scent bouquet as faithful and intense as a freshly cut clove of garlic! Things are going to happen!

Libra Lures sztuczne przynety o smaku CZOSNEK AKTUALNOSCI
goliath-mini gallery
Libra Lures sztuczna przyneta Goliath - kolor 005 Cheese
Libra Lures sztuczna przyneta Goliath - kolor 027 Apple Green
goliath-Color 027 apple green
Libra Lures sztuczna przyneta Goliath - kolor 040 Black
goliath-Color 040 black