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June Fishing

Full range of species

June provides anglers with virtually a full range of species to target. Well, except for bream, which we’ll have to wait another month for. The pressure is divided among anglers pursuing catfish, chub, zander, trout, or pike. Thanks to this, practically everyone can find their spot by the water.

Since the pressure is dispersed, it also applies to trout waters, where crowds of anglers often coexist with crowds of kayakers. Well, the waters are for everyone, and we have to learn to coexist in the same domains without stepping on each other’s toes too much. On hot days, when the river levels are low, the best times are usually mornings and evenings. Although, as usual, there are exceptions to this rule. Regardless of the species you choose, our lures will meet your demands.

Lures and techniques for still waters

When heading to mountainous rivers, it’s worth equipping yourself primarily with lightly armed lures. The water level is low, and there is abundant vegetation in the water, with fish eagerly rising to the surface. Drifting just above the bed of vegetation, a plump morsel will surely be noticed by the predators lurking in the shadows. The water is teeming with food, not only in the form of vertebrates but also with various stages of insect development. There is no shortage of larvae and insects currently undergoing metamorphosis into adult forms. Fish readily take advantage of this “buffet,” attentively observing everything the water carries. For the warmer months, we highly recommend all imitations of nymphs, although we’ll cover “worm-like” lures in the next paragraph 🙂 Since we can also fish for grayling in June, it’s worth adding our smallest models to the tackle box, such as Pro Nymph, Larva, Slight Worm, Largo Slim, or the smallest Kukolka. By presenting these imitations, we can successfully catch “Cardinals” (grayling) or zander, which respond well to small lures presented with a spinning setup.

Reinforcement methods and selection of lures from the Bass Series

Anglers who focus on still waters should definitely consider the entire line of Bass Series products. Although all lures in this series are based on an elongated, slender shape, they differ drastically from each other in terms of the hydroacoustic wave they generate and their intended use for various rigging methods. For the increasingly popular DropShot technique in Poland, larger specimens of Fatty D’Worm or Dying Worm can also be used, making them excellent weapons for perch or zander. Larger counterparts in the Bass Series line will also perform well with this method, but it’s worth venturing into less popular techniques in our country, such as Wacky Rig, Carolina, or Texas Rig. Depending on the circumstances, they can become the proverbial “game changer” on our pressured and heavily fished waters.

Spinning: long days and efficient use of time

June spinning is the time everyone has been waiting for all year. The longest days, a full spectrum of species, and for many, it’s also the time for the first vacations. We have nothing else to do but enjoy the moment and make the most of it as effectively as possible. We are confident that by bringing Libra Lures lures with you, you will leave every fishing spot with triumph and more than a few personal bests.



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Lower Silesia hosting championships. This year’s Polish Shore Spin Fishing Championships and Libra Lures Cup will take place from May 10th to 12th, 2024, on the Bystrzyca River in the Lubachow area. The event is organized by the ‘Potok’ Spinning Club in Ziębice, along with your favorite bait manufacturer – Libra Lures, and the Management

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Bass Series, Drop Shot, and the Big Ones.

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Trout Farewell August marks the end of the trout season in Poland. How quickly it has passed, right? We were just battling January frost and tired spawning fish, and in a few days, we’ll begin counting down to the New Year’s opening. How was this trout season? What did it bring? Slowly, we can attempt

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Shore Spin Fishing World Championships – Bulgaria 2023

Libra Lures supports the Polish team As you saw in the previous report, the Libra Lures brand is heavily involved in promoting and supporting the sport of fishing. This support extends not only to the “Trout Area” format but also to competitions involving wild fish. We support both amateur and professional competitions. On May 13-14,

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Bass Worm Series and the scorching vacation heat

Adapting angling techniques to summer conditions The vacation period, which usually begins in early July, is, on the one hand, a convenient time to increase the frequency of outings, but on the other hand, the prevailing low water levels and tropical heat discourage predators from feeding. However, it’s worth trying at different, often unconventional times

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June Fishing

Full range of species June provides anglers with virtually a full range of species to target. Well, except for bream, which we’ll have to wait another month for. The pressure is divided among anglers pursuing catfish, chub, zander, trout, or pike. Thanks to this, practically everyone can find their spot by the water. Since the

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Libra Lures Cup Trout Area

Libra Lures Cup 2023

Fishing in a “barrel of fish”?! Fishing in the “Trout Area” style is one of the fastest-growing branches of our beautiful hobby. Modestly speaking, we can say that our lures have made a significant contribution to this. And since more and more anglers enjoy catching trout, it’s not surprising that the competition segment is also

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Here comes the new! Libra Lures Bass Series.

Brand Libra Lures The Libra Lures brand has permanently become a part of not only Polish, but also European fishing. Anglers, as evidenced by their results, have rightfully trusted the designers’ vast experience, which translates into the enormous popularity of models such as Larva, Dying Worm, Kukolka, Fatty D’Worm, Largo, Slight Worm, or our newest

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Turbo Worm – a Game Changer

Colleagues “anglers” and new lures. The world is inexorably rushing forward, and we, by all means, are not stopping! Because we are anglers ourselves, we constantly strive for perfection, yet in our development we rely not only on our own experience, but also open up to suggestions from fellow anglers. They, along with the fish

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