A few words about Larv

Our Larva has quickly gained popularity and won the hearts of many anglers. This is for good reason, because, although seemingly without having an action of its own, the fleshy pupa is incredibly tempting to fish of many species. Especially as it comes in 3 sizes, which, thanks to its buoyancy and multiple load options, allows it to adapt to the conditions of any fishery.

Multi premiere…

In 2023, the new Larva hit the shop shelves and, consequently, into anglers’ hands. Tiny, with a length of only 25mm, but linked in a chain of 5 pieces. In the jar we find 5 such “garlands”, so a total of 25 individual larvae. Of course, as with every Libra Lures lure, you have a choice of lures with cheese or krill scent, or without scent, in a whole range of colours. The lures are connected via a very thin joint. This gives the angler a very versatile design, of which, in a sense, the angler himself can be a co-architect. The angler, by tearing off an appropriate number of pupae, decides how long a lure he needs. Of course, you can fish with a single worm. A tiny, 2.5 cm long larva will prove useful during ultra-light spinning, when our target are representatives of the widely understood silver fish, such as rudd, roach, crucian carp or other herbivorous fish, as well as perch or exceptionally picky trout. Interestingly, this small worm is also eagerly sucked by grayling.

Double decoy

Another variant is the double Larva. This lure is a completely different design. The single Larva does not have a very aggressive action of its own. With the tandem, however, the second element is completely free. In addition, the joint connecting the two bodies, is very thin, which provides incredible flexibility and mobility to the unfitted part. At the same time, it is worth noting that there is no possibility for the individual elements to separate on their own, or for the fish to do so, by pulling lightly. This joint, is a kind of compromise between strength and ensuring the mobility of the individual pieces. The more you leave them in, the more the lure gets a more ‘wavy’, smooth action. Don’t worry that the tip of the hook is only on the first of a string of larvae. Firstly, the lure is so soft that it “folds” perfectly in the fish’s mouth, and secondly, the fish instinctively, most often, direct their attack towards the head, i.e. the front, rigged part of the lure.


Larva Multi by Libra Lures in action on the fishery.

Larva Multi, is a very versatile lure. Thanks to its fragmentary construction, we actually get a set of many, completely different lures. It is only up to the angler, his instinct and idea which variant he chooses. All Libra Lures, are created by anglers, for anglers. Larva Multi is no exception. See for yourself how much fun and how many possibilities can be provided by just one jar of these inconspicuous ” strings”.